GG: i like to explore the island

GG: everytime i go out i find new things!!

((Alright guys))

((I’m ready whenever you are, but I can’t answer questions I don’t have. So flood that ask box with everything you want to ask because I’ve got nothing right now!))

GG: dare you to argue ;)

GG: they are really friendly with me

GG: but bec likes to chase them so I dont see them much

GG: we have sleep overs all the time!!

GG: sometimes rose even reads some of her stories! but dont tell her i told you!

((I know thats not how projections work, please just play along with my mistake))

((Alright, my friend took pity on me and lent me her laptop for the week))

((It’ll be slow going but I’ll have an post up by Tuesday))

((I’m really sorry about this, but it seems that I’m being forced into a two week Hiatus))

((we found out today that my laptops hard drive is faulty and I have to send it it to have it replaced. This could take up to two weeks. I’ll try and get to a friends to use her tablet but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Leave some asks and I’ll sketch outlines of them on paper so I can have them done right away once I have my own laptop back. Again, sorry about this but there is nothing I can do about it.))

GG: i gave up when i turned 8

GG: i think bec was happy

GG: as for any other kind of party..

GG: nope!!